NCIS Finally Reveals How Gibbs Gets His Boats Out of the Basement

Longtime Fan Question Answered After 18 Seasons

gibbs-boat-build basement NCIS

Building and tinkering with boats in his basement has been a way for Leroy Jethro Gibbs to unwind throughout the NCIS series. But one thing has always puzzled viewers: how on earth does he get those finished boats out of there?

The show's layout seems to depict a basement with only a narrow staircase and surrounding walls, leaving a giant plot hole for many.

This head-scratcher has even been acknowledged within the show itself. In season five, McGee directly asked Gibbs about the boat extraction process, receiving a playful dodge in return.

Gibbs Basement

Theories about hidden passageways, complex pulley systems, and even forgotten coal chutes have all been humorously dismissed throughout the series. Even actor Mark Harmon seemed stumped when questioned about it.

Finally, in a satisfying reveal as Gibbs departs for Alaska, the answer is unveiled!

Turns out, the solution is refreshingly simple - brute force! Torres, while driving Gibbs to the airport, casually mentions he's always known the secret. Gibbs, surprised by the revelation, simply states it was the only logical way.

So, the mystery is solved - a good, old-fashioned wall demolition! This revelation adds a touch of humor and practicality to Gibbs' character.

With the possibility of Gibbs returning to NCIS, fans might even see him build another boat someday. But for now, he's content with the newfound peace he's discovered.

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