NCIS Season 21 Episode 9: Delilah Returns with a Reality TV Twist!

The NCIS agent faces a double dose of stress with a remodel and a wild case in Texas.

NCIS Delilah Returns with a Shocking Solution for McGee's Kitchen Remodel Nightmare

NCIS, the CBS crime show, is nearing the end of its 21st season. A new trailer for episode 9 confirms the return of a familiar face and the episode's release date.

NCIS is a long-running TV drama. It's been on the air since 2003 and remains popular despite the departure of its main star, Mark Harmon, who left in season 19.

Season 21 is currently airing, and a new season (season 22) is coming this fall! In the meantime, fans are excited to see who's back in episode 9.

Tim McGee will be at the center of the story with episode 9 of season 21 of NCIS

Since 2022, viewers have been waiting for Margo Harshman to return as Delilah Fielding, Timothy McGee's wife (played by Sean Murray). She hasn't been seen since season 20, episode 9. The new trailer confirms she'll be back in episode 9 of season 21!

Episode 9, titled "Prime Cut," airs Monday, April 29th on CBS. The story involves Tim McGee somehow becoming a reality TV star. The trailer shows the couple fixing up their kitchen, and it looks like things might get chaotic. But Delilah finds a way to get the job done for free!

Delilah to return with episode 9 of season 21 of CBS crime drama NCIS

While McGee might not be thrilled about reality TV, it seems like it might save them some stress. As for the rest of the episode's plot, there's also a serious case that will take some agents to Texas.

Season 21 of NCIS will end with episode 13. Details about that episode are still unknown. We do know that NCIS got renewed for a 22nd season, but sadly, the spin-off NCIS: Hawaii wasn't as lucky and got canceled after its third season.

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