NCIS season 7 Best moment I've ever seen before

This is without a doubt THE BEST MOMENT/SCENE in the first 8 seasons of NCIS. It's amazing how Cote (Ziva) can be so emotional without moving a muscle in her face. A truly fantastic scene!

source Youtube/Kyra Park

I love this NCIS scene. It absoluetely breaks my heart to see Ziva so broken-- when you usually only see this strong independent woman and here you see her having to lean on Tony and McGee. It's so sad.

But I love the looks going between Tony and Ziva — it's never been more obvious of how much he loves her than in this episode.

Also, love how Gibbs just looks at Vance and then sits down. He doesn't need any recognition; he's just doing his job and protecting his family (a.k.a. his NCIS team).

Video/Photo Source: Youtube/Kyra Park

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  1. Love them!🙏❤️🦉

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