Dark Secrets The Cast Of NCIS Tried To Hide

The Real Deal on NCIS: News the Cast Didn't Want You to Know

NCIS: Not Quite Picture Perfect

NCIS, the naval crime drama that has dominated television ratings for nearly two decades, has seen its fair share of scandal. While the show portrays a squeaky-clean team of agents solving crimes, the real lives of the cast members are far from perfect. From heartbreaking losses to run-ins with the law, here's a glimpse into the darker side of NCIS.

Pauley Perrette's Allegations

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In 2018, actress Pauley Perrette, who played forensic scientist Abby Sciuto, left NCIS after hinting at a toxic work environment. She shared cryptic tweets alleging bullying and assault but did not elaborate on who was responsible. CBS responded vaguely, stating they addressed a workplace concern raised by Perrette.

Sasha Alexander's Walkout

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At the end of season two, fan favorite Kate Todd, played by Sasha Alexander, was shockingly killed off. However, this was by Alexander's own design. The actress, citing grueling work hours, requested to be written out of the show.

Showrunner Showdown

Long hours and unrealistic demands also led to a clash between showrunner Don Bellisario and Mark Harmon, the star portraying Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Reportedly, Harmon grew frustrated with Bellisario's management style and the show's chaotic atmosphere. This ultimately led to Bellisario's departure from NCIS.

Cote de Pablo's Shocking Exit

The departure of Cote de Pablo, who played Ziva David for eight seasons, came as a shock to fans and co-stars alike. While some reports suggested frustration with the character's development, de Pablo later revealed she left due to feeling the character wasn't being respected.

Perrette's Traumatic Encounter

In 2015, Perrette experienced a terrifying incident when she was attacked on the street. The shaken actress shared the details online, calling for better mental health care and support for the homeless.

Michael Weatherly's DUI Arrest

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Actor Michael Weatherly, known for his portrayal of Tony DiNozzo, was arrested for DUI in 2015. The incident preceded his decision to leave NCIS shortly after.

Wilmer Valderrama's Womanizer Reputation

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While portraying the charming Nicholas Torres, Wilmer Valderrama garnered a reputation as a ladies' man. The actor has been open about his dating life, but some past comments and a leaked photo incident cast a shadow on his image.

Pauley Perrette's Abusive Marriage

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Perrette's personal life also included challenges. Her marriage to Francis "Coyote" Shivers reportedly ended in a bitter divorce due to alleged abuse and stalking.

David McCallum's Tragic Loss

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David McCallum, the beloved Dr. Ducky Mallard, suffered a heartbreaking loss in 1989 when his son Jason died of a drug overdose.

Mark Harmon's Custody Battle

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In the 1980s, Mark Harmon attempted to gain custody of his nephew due to concerns over his sister's drug use. The legal battle ended with a settlement, and reportedly strained family relations for years.

Jennifer Esposito's Short-Lived Marriage

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During her stint on NCIS, Jennifer Esposito was briefly married to actor Bradley Cooper. The tumultuous relationship ended after just four months, and Esposito later criticized Cooper in her book.

Henry Duane's Humble Beginnings

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Actor Henry Duane, who portrays Clayton Reeves, overcame homelessness before landing his breakout role on NCIS.

Michael Weatherly and the #MeToo Movement

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In 2018, Michael Weatherly faced sexual harassment allegations from actress Eliza Dushku. The incident involved inappropriate comments and an alleged hostile work environment, ultimately leading to Dushku's exit from the show Bull.

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