NCIS: The Truth About What Happened to Gibbs' Mother in Crime Drama

One of the biggest surprise that happened in “NCIS” with agent Gibbs was the tragic death of his mother, who had a wrong idea of ​​what happened to her, until the truth was revealed.

In the NCIS Season 18, we get to see Gibbs' wife in real life, but what happened to the agent's mom on the show?

If you've ever wondered about Gibbs' mother and how she may have influenced Gibbs and his relationships, you may have missed (or forgotten) an episode that happened to her eight seasons ago.

In the fifth episode of Season 10, "Namesake," the NCIS team investigates the murder of a Navy officer. Where Gibbs confronts Jackson (Ralph Waite) to find out why. Finally, Jackson tells him the truth in an emotional scene:

"He killed your mother, Jethro," he says.

Her death caused a rift between Jackson and best friends

When Gibbs, then 14, said he knew his mother actually died of a drug overdose, not cancer, Jackson reacted with surprise. "Your mother was in pain, Jethro," said Mr. Jackson.

"She didn't want to fight anymore. She confided in LJ that she was going to overdose. He didn't stop her. And he didn't tell me! She had time left, Jethro, and I wanted every minute of it. He cheated us. We deserved to have that time with her!"

Gibbs talks to Moore again, and Moore tells him that he understood Ann's pain and looked the other way when she decided to die. The two discuss the possibility that the elder Gibbs was angry not just because of Moore's inaction but jealousy that he was the one she told. Moore confesses that he loved Ann, too, and that they maintained a "special relationship until the day that she died." 

In the end, Gibbs and Moore come to Jackson, and Gibbs says, "Time to end the feud," pointing out they all loved the same woman. Later, Jackson goes to Moore's retirement home and returns the Medal of Honor to him, inviting him to come back to Stillwater. Along with settling what exactly happened to Jethro's mom, the episode showcases Gibbs' skill in making peace between his father and his namesake.

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