NCIS: Why Did Fans Reject the Agent Gibbs and Jenny Shepard Romance

NCIS Why did Fans Reject Agent Gibbs and Jenny Shepard Romance

Even though we've seen NCIS agent and team leader Leroy Jethro Gibbs have different rules. Fans still don't seem to buy the romance between him and Jenny Shepard. But, like, what's up with that?


The popular CBS show NCIS has had various romances between the characters of the show almost every season. But, fans have never really bought into the whole Agent Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and Jenny Shepard (Lauren Holly) romance thing.

NCIS: Why did the fans reject Agent Gibbs and Jenny Shepard’s romance?
NCIS: Why did the fans reject Agent Gibbs and Jenny Shepard’s romance?

Remember that Jenny Shepard, the head of NCIS, was a great agent who always focused on her job. But, before she became the boss, she and Gibbs were the main characters of the show.

Fans didn't like seeing them reminisce about the past - their love for their differences, and the little time they had together when she became their boss.

In the first few seasons of the show, we slowly found out about Gibbs' past and what happened to his wife and daughter.

All Gibbs previous relationships ended in tragedy.

So it was clear that NCIS agent and leader Jenny Shepard, didn't want be on that list twice. And fans had mixed feelings about their relationship too.

Although, they seemed interested in each other on screen - many fans watching their interactions felt uncomfortable with what they saw; something the NCIS creators took into account.

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