Pam Dawber Sacrificed Fame to be Mom to Mark Harmon's Kids - Her Son is Married & Follows his Father's Footsteps

Actress Stepped Back from Hollywood Career to Raise Mark Harmon's Sons

Pam Dawber Sacrificed Fame to be Mom to Mark Harmon's Kids

Veteran actors Mark Harmon and Pam Dawber have been a couple for almost four decades, and their relationship seems to keep getting stronger. In fact, they recently celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary. But how did it all begin?

Finding Love and Starting a Family

Before their paths crossed, Harmon had dated his co-star for a few years, but the relationship ended in 1984. Dawber, meanwhile, had a clear idea of what she wanted in a partner. When they met through a mutual friend, they clicked immediately. They got married in a private ceremony in 1987, just a year after Harmon was named "Sexiest Man Alive."

At the time, both were at the peak of their careers. Dawber was starring in a hit sitcom, while Harmon was known for his roles in various shows. Despite their fame, they preferred a quiet life together.

For Dawber, marrying Harmon wasn't just about finding love, but also about finding someone who fit her ideal image of a husband. Harmon even proved himself to be a hero in real life when he rescued a teenager from a burning car crash in 1996.

Their marriage has been an inspiration to many, and talk show host Larry King has called it an "amazing stable marriage." Harmon acknowledges the challenges of marriage but says that being with Dawber has been a blessing. He also credits his wife's sacrifices for their strong family unit.

Dawber Chooses Family Over Career

Dawber began her career in entertainment during college, eventually deciding to pursue modeling full-time. She landed several commercials before getting her big break on a popular sitcom. Later, she starred in another sitcom, which ended in 1988.

After she and Harmon had children, Dawber made the decision to step away from her busy acting career to focus on being a full-time mom. She wanted to be there for her kids' milestones and activities. Additionally, she wanted to protect her family from the constant scrutiny of the tabloids.

Dawber did continue to act occasionally throughout the 1990s, but her focus remained on her family. She has expressed no regrets about her decision.

A Family That Values Privacy

Both Harmon and Dawber are known for their private lives. They have raised two sons together, Sean Thomas and Ty Christian. Sean has followed in his father's footsteps and works in show business as a producer and actor. Ty, on the other hand, seems to keep a lower profile.

Despite their fame, the entire Harmon family prefers a quiet life away from the cameras. They rarely share details of their personal lives on social media. Interviews with Harmon often highlight his dedication to family.

In 2021, Sean got engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Courtney Prather. The couple married in November 2022 and shared beautiful photos of their honeymoon.

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