Pauley Perrette Poses with Her Cousins in a Rare Family Photo

Pauley Perrette, the actress most famous for her role as Abby Sciuto in "NCIS," recently took to her official Twitter account to share a photo with her cousins.

The sweet picture was posted on Sunday, March 24, 2019, and Perrette can be seen alongside her four relatives while wearing a white "Bee you" shirt.

It has been reported that her fans and followers loved seeing the actress mingling with the ones she loves and some of them even left a sweet comment or two on the snap.

One of the Twitter users, identified only as "Ambz," wrote that cousins are our best friends by blood and that she was glad to see Perrette hanging out with her family.

Dione Umbach, a second Twitter user, claimed she could notice the similarities between the cousins, pointing out the chin shape as their most distinctive feature.

Perrette seems to be enjoying her time with family and away from the spotlight, especially after all the controversy surrounding her departure from "NCIS."

The star announced that she would be leaving the show in October 2017, but was quick to address the situation and shot down several possibilities advanced by the media at the time, such as a supposed skin line that she would be launching.

According to the actress, she made the decision in 2016 and asked her fans and followers to enjoy and appreciate everything her character had given to the show for 16 years.


The 49-year-old then issued a tweet saying that she wouldn't discuss what led her to leave the show because she refused to go low, all while pointing her finger at the numerous tabloids that were reportedly writing lies about her.

Perrette ended her message by stating that, if people believed those stories, then they should leave her alone because they clearly didn't know her. Now, she has embraced another project in "Broke," a comedy by CBS.

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