Reba McEntire’s Mother-Moment at Son Shelby’s Wedding Was Just Too Perfect

Mother-son dances at a wedding are always special, but Reba McEntire's dance with her son Shelby was next level.

Shelby Blackstock married Marissa Branch on Feb. 12 in Disney World. The couple danced to Kacey Musgraves' "Butterflies" for their first dance but he chose one of his mom's songs for the mother-son dance.

After they tied the knot, Branch and Blackstock took a ride in a Cinderella-esque horse-drawn carriage and celebrated with friends and family right on the Magic Castle steps. One of Blackstock's Instagram stories features his mother-son dance with his country superstar mom, who wore a floor-length black gown for the occasion. Their song choice was extra poignant: The mother and son danced to McEntire's own 2005 release "You're Gonna Be (Always Loved By Me,)" which tells the story of a parent's love for her child.

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