Samsung releases Simpler Versions of Stick Vacuum Cleaners

Last year, Samsung released two stick vacuum cleaners. Jet 90 multi was the top unit and the Jet 70 pet was a cheaper variant for the pet owners. Now they are releasing two more models that are basically simpler and cheaper versions of the two.

The Jet 75 multi is a cheaper version of the Jet 90 that has a simpler charging station and no telescopic tubes. The price tag is 780$ according to the press release but it costs SEK 724$ on Samsung's website. Jet 90 costs 900.52$ as a comparison, however, you can find this for under 720$ (compare prices).

Similarly, the Jet 60 is a simpler version of the Jet 70 that does not have an LCD display. The price tag on this is 540$ according to the press release, but this is not yet available on Samsung's website. Jet 70 today costs 600$.

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