Skoda Enyaq 80x has four-wheel drive and 256 horses

Skoda Enyaq appears to be a fan favorite, and they are now expanding the lineup. The Enyaq 80x, where x stands for four-wheel drive, is now available for purchase. It also means you get the car with two engines, which means more power. The standard Enyaq 80 has a 204-horsepower engine on the rear axle, while the 80x has a 61-horsepower engine on the front axle for a total of 265 horses. Because 204 is sufficient, but in the smallest group for such a large car, those extra 65 are a welcome addition. Rear wheel drive is nice in itself, but this car will be more enjoyable to drive on all fours.

However, you must make a small sacrifice in terms of range; instead of 532 kilometers, it's 491 kilometers that apply. On the other hand, the towing capacity has increased, it is now 1200 kilos.

New model year, improved equipment

We're now moving into the 2022 for most models, and for the Enyaq, that means better standard features. Good fast charging is now included (120 kW for Enyaq 60 and 125 kW for Enyaq 80 / 80x). More importantly, the Enyaq 60 now comes standard with a heat pump, making it a slightly more attractive choice than before.
Also included is Infotainment Basic Navigation. Important


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