Spanish woman spent 500 days in cave

Spanish woman spent 500 days in cave

On November 21, 2021, Beatriz Flamini descended 70 meters underground and has been hanging there ever since. Yesterday, 500 days later, she came out again. For eight days, she was out of the cave, but was then isolated in a tent the whole time. The reason she was up was to repair technology used by Beatriz to send audio and video.

This was an experimental attempt to deal with extreme isolation without human contact. No one has been allowed to contact her during the time in the cave, and even if close relatives died, she would not be contacted.

I didn't talk out loud to myself, but I had conversations in my head and got along very well with myself, Beatriz told Reuters.

A team has been monitoring her physical and mental health in the cave. The group also gave her avocados, eggs and clean clothes. She was sleeping when the group came to pick her up, and her thought was apparently "already, something must have happened".

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