'Strange' Deep Sea Fish Found On California Beach

A strange fish was found on a California beach. It was identified as a balloonfish, a strange creature that inhabits the sea abyss and is almost never seen on the surface.

The strange creature was spotted by a bather on the shore of Crystal Cove State Park, the beach paradise of Southern California. Then a fishing team identified it as the balloonfish, so they decided to call the authorities as it is quite unusual for a balloon fish to appear on a beach.

Its named balloonfish for the round shape of its body.

It has a kind of lamp on its head. One of its spines, called ilicium, extends outward like a phosphorescent lamp that fish use to trap their prey.

They catch prey, usually small fish or squid, with their long, sharp teeth.

Many know this fish from the movie scene "Finding Nemo", in which Marlin and Dory are fascinated by the bright light and narrowly escape their capture.


The puffer fish found is about 45 centimeters long and perfectly preserved. It will be very valuable to study it and perhaps exhibit it later as it happens with these kinds of abysmal creatures.

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