Become a better Photographer with your Mobile Phone - 5 simple Tips

With a few simple adjustments, you can take better photos with your mobile. We list several simple tips on how to take better photos with your smartphone!

In part 1 of our guide on better photos, we suggested some simple tricks to get better angles and light. Now it's time to check out what tools we have in the phone to help us.

better photography with your phone

1. There is no shame in using a tripod

Modern mobile phones are masters at correcting the fact that we don't keep our phones completely still. But the darker it gets, the harder it becomes. Therefore, it's no shame bringing the stand from time to time.

Once in place, it also enables experimenting with very long shutter speed and with it completely different images that would not be possible to take otherwise.

Above, a rather bland image out over the sea.

Same place, same time, same channel (Or sound) and same phone, Xiaomi Mi 11i 5G. But with a shutter speed of over a minute and immediately, we have a decent Instagram-friendly motive.

What does the audience use?
Speaking of Instagram. Have you thought about how often it is that photos look really good on the mobile screen while it immediately becomes slightly less impressive if we bring it up on the big computer screen?

But in most cases, it is precisely through the mobile screen that others also see your pictures so do not let a good composition prevent you from publishing it.

If you look at this picture on your phone, it looks almost perfect. But if you look at it from the computer, you will see some details that have not completely become a hundred.

2. Mobile settings

Angles and nods aren't everything. In most camera apps, there are a range of features that we don't think about at first glance.

AI – captures moments we remember them

Different mobile manufacturers have different philosophies when it comes to how lifelike photos should be captured. Because of this context we often remember colour and flair more colorful than it might be and what is right and wrong when it comes to capturing something? The way it is, or the way we remember it?

On all Xiaomi models we have the option to choose. By activating the AI symbol in the camera app, everything becomes a little more colorful, but without exaggerating. This is evident when it comes to contrasts between a lot of color and, for example, white or gray.

Can you figure out in which photos AI is on or off? All photos are taken with Xiaomi Mi 11i 5G.

3. At least everyone is a little Pro

Pro mode may seem hard to some, but it offers some clever features for everyone. Here we have the option to manually set the camera's functions for composing the image exactly the way we want it. Do we want, for example, to be able to do something about Have a brighter image, select Pro, and then just increase shutter speed.

The shutter also touches on certain situations that may occur while filming. For example, LED lights can create interference in the image or when the lights on a car flutter. Change the shutter to give it the same refresh rate as the lights and immediately you have a clear and nice movie.

Don't you get the focus exactly where you want it? Go to Pro mode. Here you can manually set it exactly where you want it.

4. A lot of people want More

Under More we find all the features built into our mobile phones that we often may not think about. Such a function is very long shutter speed and, as we mentioned earlier, tripods are a requirement. But with it we can create both fog-inspired water and photos that follow the neon light from the cars.

Night photo with 3 seconds delay, shot with Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra..

5. Small bets produce great results

Once you take a photo and you are satisfied with it, it's possible with small means to make it even better. By opening the Gallery app image, you can set contrast and other parameters. Simply drag the controls until you are satisfied with the results. Often you can see the difference between the original and the changes you made by pressing and releasing your finger on the photo you have up.

Unedited image from Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra.

Edited image via Xiaomi's gallery app.

Feel free to share if you have any good photo tips or a camera feature on your phone that you use frequently. 🙂

Smartphones used in this article

Xiaomi Mi 11 5G Lite
Xiaomi Mi 11i 5G
Xiaomi Mi 11 5G

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