Things the lift sees between you and Gibbs on NCIS would be..

The lift, or as Gibbs sometimes calls it ‘the office’, is a very important fixture in life at NCIS. It carries you up and down the building, delivering and removing people and things. But when it comes to being with Gibbs in the lift…it becomes an experience.

At first it was the place where you stand awkwardly in silence, in the early days you didn’t dare to raise your gaze and look him in the eyes. And you certainly didn’t bother with small talk! Instead you’d hold your breath, count the seconds and pray for a quick ride.

Jack and Gibb's Chat in the Infamous Elevator
NCIS the Infamous Elevator

The lift witnessed your first ever head slap. It was as Gibbs hand collided with the back of your head that you knew you were part of team Gibbs. And you both laughed afterwards, by this point you’ve become comfortable with one another. You trust one another.

If inanimate objects could gasp the lift surely would’ve done when you give Gibbs a head slap. The moment is sealed in silence between you, Gibbs and the lift. It represented a shift in your relationship, you’d grown to be comfortable calling him out. Secretly, he loved it.


The first time you two held hands it was in the lift. The case had been very tiring. And you’d confessed that you’d been working so hard you’d forgotten how to feel human anymore. Then Gibbs’s hand gently wrapped around yours, and the feeling of kindness, touch and warmth came flooding back.

When a case cut too close to home, when it left you crying your eyes out alone in the lift Gibbs felt his heart break. You desperately try to hide your tears as the lift doors ping open, but when you come face to face with Gibbs it all comes flooding out anyway. He quickly slides into the lift and shuts it down, you don’t need to use any words, he just pulls you straight into a tight, warm hug and holds you until you’re ready to let go.

Gibbs hugs Abby in "Bloodbath" (Episode 21, Season 3)
Gibbs hugs Abby in "Bloodbath" (Episode 21, Season 3)

The lift stages so many arguments. Gibbs is fire and ice wrapped up in one pretty package, and you’re much the same. Sometimes you rub each other up the wrong way, you’re only human and he ends up storming out the minute the door opens, leaving you kicking at the metal walls in an effort to unleash your frustration.

NCIS Season 3 Episode 21 - "Bloodbath" ~ Gibbs and Abby in the elevator.
NCIS Season 3 Episode 21 - "Bloodbath" ~ Gibbs and Abby in the elevator.

But with every argument there must be a make up! And the lift experiences this. It doesn’t matter who’s right or who’s wrong, these arguments always end the same way! One of you caves, finds the other in the lift…and hugs them, apologises and peace is forged.

And then one day this make up from an argument goes a step further, and suddenly the lift becomes a witness of when you and Gibbs kiss for the first time. He’s apologising this time, and it doesn’t really come naturally to him, but he finds you in the lift, backs you into a corner and then slowly his lips collide with yours. For a first kiss it’s incredible, it leaves you dizzy and panting and grinning. And one kiss invariably leads to another, you and Gibbs are greedy for each other once you’ve had a taste.


So naturally the lift had hosted a kiss many many many more times. I mean, it’s the most private place you two can be together at work. And he’s just so damn sexy that you can’t resist stealing a kiss or two or three or seven while at work. And the lift is a perfect place for that.

…and then of course, you two “make love” in the lift eventually! (If that’s what you want to call it, it’s not exactly gentle, it’s rough and wild and hot and passionate.) But what actually happens is you test the strength of the lift cables and your ability to stay quiet. It wouldn’t do well for the people on the other side of the closed doors to hear what’s going on, you’d really get in trouble then!

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