Tom Selleck Revealed His True Feelings About Sam Elliott

In Hollywood, some celebrity teams become forever associated with each other. Take Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller for example. Those two have appeared in how many films together at this point? Or Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn – they seem to keep ending up in each other's arms, don't they? And how can we forget about Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan? How many times have they teamed up for essentially the same rom-com set in a slightly different locale? Seriously though, Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail are pretty much the exact same movie!

But then we have Tom Selleck who had the pleasure of seeing his fellow actor and recurring castmate, Sam Elliott, grow in his career as they co-starred in countless roles Westerns together over the years.

In fact, even when both actors were still young and very different looking - while Selleck was still busy trying to find himself - Elliott already seemed to be on the Western path he was always destined to travel down and Tom could clearly see that. In this video, we'll reveal what Selleck had to say about Elliott that reveals a lot about his character.

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