Blue Bloods star Tom Selleck celebrates birthday with Donnie Wahlberg's help!

tom selleck and donnie wahlberg

On Tom Selleck's 77th birthday, Donnie Wahlberg found a heartwarming way to pay tribute to his friend and co-star. The Blue Bloods actor turned to Instagram to share a celebratory message and photo of the two. In his post, Donnie not only wished Tom a happy birthday, but also expressed his admiration and gratitude for him.

Donnie Wahlberg Honors Blue Bloods Co-Star Tom Selleck in a Heartfelt Instagram Post

Donnie referred to Tom as his TV dad, real-life friend, and father figure, emphasizing the special bond they share. Read on to find out what Donnie wrote and witness the warmth and humor in his message. Additionally, take a moment to reflect on Tom's legacy on Blue Bloods.

Donnie Wahlberg recently shared a touching message on social media for his father, Tom Selleck, and expressed gratitude for the role he played in his life. While adding a dash of humor, Wahlberg also acknowledged that his father might not see the message due to his unfamiliarity with Instagram. Donnie went on to reveal that his relationship with Tom has deepened over the years since the debut of Blue Bloods in September 2010.

Donnie Wahlberg's Heartfelt Message to His Father and Tom Selleck's Enduring Legacy on Blue Bloods

The show became a beloved series and owes much of its success to the enduring legacy of Tom and the rest of the talented cast, reported US Weekly.

The Reagan Family: A Fictional Police Legacy

Len Cariou leads the Reagan family as the retired New York police commissioner, Henry Reagan. Tom Selleck perfectly portrays Henry's son Frank, the current police commissioner, whose often stern demeanor is softened by his son Detective Danny (Donnie Wahlberg).

The Reagan family dinner table features Frank's younger son Sergeant Jamie (Will Estes), daughter Assistant District Attorney Erin (Bridget Moynahan), and her daughter Nicky (Sami Gayle). While certain stars have come and gone over the years, including Jennifer Esposito as Detective Jackie Curatola and Amy Carlson as Danny's wife, Linda, Len, Tom, Donnie, Will, Bridget, and Sami have carried on the Reagan legacy.

Join us in Celebrating Tom Selleck’s 77th Birthday!

Share your favorite memories of the talented actor and let us know what you think of Donnie Wahlberg's birthday post on Instagram. Once you've shared your thoughts, don't forget to check out our website for more exciting Blue Bloods updates.

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