Tom Selleck Supposedly Battled Health Issues That Had Friends Worried Last Year

Is Tom Selleck‘s in poor condition, what disease does Tom Selleck have? Around this time last year, one tabloid claimed the Blue Bloods actor’s eyesight was degrading.

Let’s check back in on the Hollywood titan.

Tom Selleck Worrying Friends With ‘Failing Eyesight’?

Last August, Tom Selleck’s eyesight was getting dangerously bad, and he was bordering on legally blind.

The Magnum, P.I. star had recently been spotted at a Los Angeles eye specialist, leading sources to worry that the actor’s vision was failing him.

The magazine noted that Selleck was known to take medication for arthritis—owing this information to Selleck’s “puffy chipmunk look,” a common sign of steroid use.

But the outlet’s tipster reveals that the side effects of such medication include “cataracts and glaucoma” which, in severe cases, can lead to blindness.

“Neither glaucoma nor cataracts can be corrected with surgery,” a doctor who hasn’t treated Selleck began. “But glaucoma is a chronic condition that puts increased pressure inside the front of the eye. If not treated quickly and effectively, the increased pressure can damage the optic nerve permanently—leaving him blind!”

Is Tom Selleck Going Blind?

Fans of the TV detective shouldn’t fret—Tom Selleck is not losing his eyesight.

After doing a bit of digging, we found out that the National Enquirer was harboring an unprofessional level of interest in Selleck, dating all the way back to the ’80s.

In 1983, the publication’s attacks against the actor got so bad that he sued them for “making continuous false and defamatory statements”, about his personal life.

And then, starting in 2017, the tabloid came up with this story about Selleck going blind.

The rag proceeded to publish different versions of this same story over and over again. All culminating in this mish-mash of arthritis rumors and glaucoma fears.

But the truth is, there is simply no evidence that Selleck ever had serious vision problems or arthritis.

He does wear prescription lenses and has been using them for decades, so it's certainly not uncommon for the actor to pay a visit to the eye doctor.

More Rumors About Tom Selleck

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the Enquirer‘s most outrageous stories about Tom Selleck. Back in 2019, the outlet reported Selleck was leaving Blue Bloods because he was in dire health.

Then, in January 2021, the magazine claimed Selleck would lose his sight. And more recently, the tabloid alleged Selleck’s wife was divorcing him because he wouldn’t leave Blue Bloods.

Obviously, with anything the Enquirer says about Selleck, readers can assume that the opposite is true.

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