Woman goes to Grocery Store, Comes home with a newborn in her arms

Ashleigh Miller-Cross - Baby Ezra

It was a typical day for a woman who was out grocery shopping when she suddenly began to feel unwell. She then went to a local superstore's restroom, completely unaware that she was about to have a day that neither she nor anyone else in the store would ever forget!

Surprises come in various kinds and sizes, but no matter what they are, they may brighten up our world like nothing else. While it's essential to plan and be prepared for what's ahead, life has a way of surprising us and throwing curveballs our way.

Even still, some of our happiest and most meaningful moments occur when we least expect them, transforming everything in ways we never imagined possible. The story we're going to tell you today is based on a similar scenario.

Ashleigh Miller-Cross was out and about in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, in the spring of 2017, doing something she was all too familiar with: grocery shopping. She was a mother to a little girl, Mia, who was her entire world.

Her ten-month-old daughter was sure to follow her proud mother everywhere she went. Mia enjoyed accompanying her mother, and the two formed a lovely bond. Ashleigh was no stranger to maternal sentiments and enjoyed spoiling her baby girl.

What was a usual day for Ashleigh took an unexpected turn when she felt ill. She hurried to the Supermarket restrooms without delay. She was, however, blissfully unaware that she would be returning home with a baby. But how did this occur?

Baby Ezra | Source: YouTube.com/CBC Nova Scotia
Baby Ezra | Source: YouTube.com/CBC Nova Scotia

How Did Ashleigh Miller-Cross Go Home with a Baby?

According to reports, Ashleigh had discomfort after entering the grocery store and went right away to the restroom to assess her health. Meanwhile, Malcolm Comeau, assistant store manager, was leaving his office after lunch when he noticed something.

While returning to work, he heard someone yelling nearby. Immediately, Malcolm started walking, trying to discover the source of the screams, when he suddenly stopped outside the store's toilets.

Assistant store manager, Malcolm Comeau
Assistant store manager, Malcolm Comeau | Source: YouTube.com/CBC Nova Scotia

Malcolm first waited outside, but when the screaming didn't stop, he unlocked the door and witnessed what was going on inside. When the store manager saw Ashleigh writhing in agony, his first inclination was to assist her straight immediately.

Ashleigh was in excruciating pain, had severe cramps, and seemed terrified and disoriented. Malcolm said the baby was halfway out when he struck the door open. "[Ashleigh] just screamed at me, 'I'm having a baby!' and I automatically grabbed my phone and dialed 911," recalled Malcolm.

Ashleigh Miller-Cross hugs one of the store employees who helped deliver her baby
Ashleigh Miller-Cross hugs one of the store employees who helped deliver her baby | Source: YouTube.com/CBC Nova Scotia

Malcolm shared that it was the first time he and his store employees had helped someone deliver a child. He explained how helping Ashleigh came naturally to him because he could only think about gathering as much support as possible when he saw her condition.

Thus, the baby was delivered with Malcolm's and another staff member's assistance, who stepped up immediately after seeing Ashleigh in distress.

After ensuring the baby was delivered safely, Malcolm said he ran to a nearby clinic to find a doctor.

After that, an ambulance took Ashleigh and her infant to a hospital where their vitals were checked and closely monitored. They went home after receiving the all-clear signal, and that was how Ashleigh embraced motherhood for a second time.

She and her husband, Kyle Cross, became parents to a son, Ezra, who weighed almost 8 pounds at birth. Little Ezra's arrival was not only dramatic and astonishing but also unforgettable for his parents, store employees, and bystanders.

Expecting the Unexpected

In addition to welcoming motherhood in a superstore's toilet, Ashleigh's phenomenal story had another twist. She had no idea she was pregnant and described that her previous pregnancy with Mia, who was only ten months old, might have tricked her into believing she wasn't expecting again.

"I presumed I hadn't lost any weight because I only had Mia 10 months ago… I didn't grow any extra. I was just the same size. I didn't have any cravings," explained the Nova Scotia resident.

Kyle and Ashleigh Miller-Cross
Kyle and Ashleigh Miller-Cross | Source: YouTube.com/CBC Nova Scotia

Later, the Halifax grocery store gifted the Cross family a year's worth of diapers for their newest addition. Ashleigh, Kyle, Mia, and Ezra visited the store in Bayers Lake to accept their gift and were all smiles as they reflected on their unconventional experience.

Both Ashleigh and Kyle expressed that they were overwhelmed by everyone's support and considered themselves fortunate for their family of four.

Kyle and Ashleigh Miller-Cross with their kids, Mia and newborn Ezra
Kyle and Ashleigh Miller-Cross with their kids, Mia and newborn Ezra | Source: YouTube.com/CBC Nova Scotia
Meet the baby born in an Atlantic Superstore bathroom

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