‘Yellowstone’ Season 5: Cole Hauser Explains Why Married Life Gets ‘Weird’ for Rip

We are now just days away from the fifth season premiere of the Taylor Sheridan-created Modern Western drama series Yellowstone. And, heading into this new season there are plenty of storylines fans are excited to see progress. Kevin Costner’s Yellowstone patriarch character, John Dutton is now Governor of Montana. A major role that brings with it some major, major changes and events. However, among these storylines is another biggie … the first year of marriage between Dutton’s ruthless daughter, Kelly Reilly’s Beth Dutton, and the enigmatic Yellowstone Ranch foreman, Cole Hauser’s Rip Wheeler.

Rip Wheeler Is Facing An Uncomfortable Change In His Role At The Yellowstone Ranch

Fans of the wildly popular modern western drama series know well that the relationship between Kelly Reilly’s Beth Dutton and Cole Hauser’s Rip Wheeler is full of passionate intensity. And, we don’t see any reason for any of this to change as the newlyweds head into season five. However, Cole Hauser notes in a recent interview, there is one big change that Rip will be uncomfortable with related to this union. This, Hauser notes, is Rip’s living situation.

Now that Rip and Beth are married, Rip will be moving from his own place next to the Yellowstone Ranch’s bunkhouse. And into the main house with his new wife and her father, Costner’s John Dutton. A move that will be making Rip very uncomfortable. This, of course, comes as Rip has always respected the boss/employee bond he has had with Costner’s character.

“I think it’s uncomfortable,” Cole Hauser says about Rip’s eventual move into the main Yellowstone house.

“He would be better served in a barn,” Hauser adds of his character.

Beth Dutton And Rip Wheeler’s Journey Is Just Begining
Rip Wheeler may have a tough time settling into his new role as John Dutton’s son-in-law as season five gets underway. However, the new union between Rip and Beth will be bringing some big storylines as the latest season unfolds.

“Obviously, we’re married,” Hauser says of his character’s union with Kelly Reilly’s Beth Dutton.

“And there’s a lot of wonderful stuff that Taylor’s written for us,” Hauser adds. The star also notes that this is only the very beginning of Rip and Beth’s life together. In fact, Hauser says, Rip and Beth have quite the “journey” ahead of them as they move onto their roles as husband and wife.

Hauser notes that Rip has a kind of “real passion and love” for Beth. Something that is in perfect juxtaposition with Rip’s overall dark demeanor.

“Taylor [Sheridan] over time, has given me the ability to continue to play him,” Cole Hauser says of Rip.

And show the sensitive side,” the actor adds. “There’s levels to [Rip] which I love.”

Hauser continues in the interview to note that he is excited for the Yellowstone fans “to see the kind of progression and the journey” Rip and Beth will be taking going forward.

source outsider.com

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