'Yellowstone' star Kelly Reilly takes role in new movie with Tom Hanks

'Yellowstone' star Kelly Reilly takes role in new movie with Tom Hanks

‘Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly Joins Tom Hanks In Robert Zemeckis’ ‘Here’ For Miramax and Sony

Kelly Reilly is heading to the big screen! The Yellowstone star has been cast in a new movie titled Here. The film is based on Richard McGuire's graphic novel of the same name and stars Tom Hanks, Paul Bettany and Robin Wright.

Kelly Reilly and Tom Hanks - CAA/Getty

Yellowstone fans shouldn't worry though, as Reilly, who plays the ruthless Beth Dutton on the show, will film the movie in between seasons of the drama series. In fact, she recently shared a photo of her last day in Montana filming for the show.

Although her character in Here has yet to be revealed, Reilly will be reunited with director Robert Zemeckis, who cast her in his film Flight alongside Denzel Washington. The 2012 thriller would end up being Reilly's breakout role.

This movie will be filmed in New England and is expected to be shot entirely in one location. Deadline reports that it is a story about love, loss, struggle, hope, and legacy play out between couples and families over generations..

In a way, it sounds a lot like the overarching themes surrounding the Dutton family in Yellowstone. Which means, Reilly should feel right at home, especially if her character is half as diabolical as Beth Dutton.

For Reilly, this project marks a reunion between her and Zemeckis, who handpicked Reilly for her breakout role in Flight starring Denzel Washington. The role earned her instant praise and helped launch her career. Reilly’s hit TV show Yellowstone is coming a record-breaking fourth season becoming the highest-rated show on cable.

Meanwhile, Yellowstone is gearing up for its fifth season, which will begin on Nov. 13 on Paramount. Season 4 brought in a record-breaking audience, which made it the highest-rated show on cable television.

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