Young Sheldon: both of them aren’t on-screen, but they’re in private life together

Each member of the Young Sheldon cast brings their own life experiences to their characters, including their off-screen relationships and families, as actors do.

Set in 1989, Young Sheldon recounts the narrative of Sheldon Lee Cooper's childhood, his early entry into high school at the age of nine, and Sheldon's relationship with the rest of his family.

Jim Parson and Ian Armitage during the Young Sheldon presentation

Any avowed admirer of comic books, superheroes, and science fiction franchises, Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons), the Nobel Prize-winning and desperately clumsy supergenius of CBS’s The Big Bang Theory, appreciates the new drama Young Sheldon.

First broadcast in 2017, Young Sheldon is a sweet, gentle and discreet family comedy about Sheldon as a boy and teenager in a small Texas town. He navigates the world like a prodigy who can't relate to anyone except college professors and intelligent adults, certainly not his well-meaning but flawed siblings, classmates or parents.

Narrator Jim Parsons married producer Todd Spiewak

Jim Parsons doesn't appear on the screen in Young Sheldon, however his quality involves a dominant spot in the series. He played adult Sheldon Cooper for 12 seasons in The Big Bang Theory and narrates Young Sheldon’s procedures in character, looking back on his wonderful years and growing pains.

Young Sheldon: Jim Parsons with her husband Todd Spiewak (both producers of the series)

The actor and Todd Spiewak met in New York City in November 2002, had their first date two nights later and have been together ever since. Just before their 15th anniversary in 2017, according to People, Parsons and Spiewak were married at the Rainbow Room in New York.

In 2015, Parsons and Spiewak co-founded That Wonderful Productions. In his role at the production company, Spiewak has helped bring major projects to the small screen, including the Netflix comedy drama "Special", the Fox comedy "Call Me Kat" and "Young Sheldon".

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