Ghana Planted five million Trees - to restore the country's lost forests

Much of the logging was illegal, and it was motivated by people's desire to grow cocoa rather than have a large forest.

"The exploitation of forest resources for national development has not been sustainable. We won't be able to fix this tomorrow or the next day. "We must act now," said President Nana Akufo-Addo, who planted a Guaiacum officinale – "the tree of life" – himself "..

The spread of agriculture, as well as mining and logging, has resulted in significant deforestation in Ghana. According to environmental activists, the wooded area has shrunk by more than a fifth since the 1990s.

More than seven million plants were distributed to parks, schools, and businesses ahead of the day, and shopping centers in larger cities provided planting tools, and residents of the country helped plant the trees yesterday..

According to authorities, 2.7 million trees had been planted by lunchtime, and "Green Ghana Day" will become an annual event to ensure growth.

Photo: Pontus Lundahl / TT

"We've worked on similar projects in the past. When the trees are planted, everyone goes their separate ways, and the trees die. This time, we're going to make it a recurring event "Hugh Brown, project manager, stated.

Last year, neighboring Côte d'Ivoire established a "tree day."

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