Miranda Lambert — Things You May Not Know about the Country Music Queen

Miranda Lambert is one of country music's biggest names, but there are many things even her most loyal fans do not know. Here is a list of some interesting facts about the singer.

Miranda Lambert did not come from a musical family. She rose to fame all on her own with her God-given talents. Several Grammy wins later, Miranda is one of the most recognized names in country music.

Yet the star likes to keep most of her life personal. In 2019, she secretly married husband Brendan McLoughlin four years after her divorce from Blake Shelton. Funny enough, McLoughlin's background is similar to Miranda's parents' own.


Miranda's mother was just 15 years old when she saw the man she would later marry. Richard Lee was a Dallas police officer who stole the heart of Beverly June long before she graduated from college.

Beverly, affectionately called Bev, founded a private investigation company with her husband which zoned in on crooked individuals of the wealthy class. Sometimes, Miranda's parents would take her on the job.

The biggest case they had was working the investigation that led to the impeachment of Bill Clinton. While their involvement is not well-known, the files they collected over two years were a crucial part of the event.


Following the oil crash in the 1970s, Bev and Richard struggled to get work. Their clientele plummeted. They lost their home, two cars, and most of the wealth they had accumulated.

No one was looking to hire private investigators, so the couple took their two children, packed up, and moved to Lindale. They were homeless for some time, living with relatives who would have them.

Miranda Lambert with her mother Beverly and father Richard at the Cellar to celebrate her first #1 single in Nashville, Tennessee on February 26, 2010
Miranda Lambert with her mother Beverly and father Richard at the Cellar to celebrate her first #1 single in Nashville, Tennessee on February 26, 2010 | Photo: Getty Images

Eventually, they managed to find their own home and even rented some farmland to put their livestock. The situation saw Miranda's father fall into depression more than once, but they all made it to the other side.


In addition to her love of music, Miranda is also passionate about horses. When she is not busy performing, the singer competes in horse shows. In 2018, she showed off a ribbon from the Oklahoma State Fair.


Before hitting the stage several times over, Miranda performed at bars in Texas, her home state. She was part of a band called Texas Pride Band. The experience prompted her to compete on "Nashville Star."


Although Miranda owes some credit for her success to her appearance on "Nashville Star," she once said she is glad she did not win. If she did, she would have been forced to release a single she did not care for.


Miranda is a woman of many talents. In addition to being a musician and an equestrian, she also has numerous business collaborations. As someone who drinks, she is the proud owner of the Red 55 Winery brand.

The singer further has a clothing store called The Pink Pistol and has collaborated with the Boot Barn to create a line called Idyllwind. On the site, she described the items as "soft, affordable, [and] great fitting."


Ultimately, Miranda will always fall back on music to get her through tough times. In the first few months of the coronavirus crisis, Miranda said she relied on music to deal with the effects of COVID-19.

Although she didn't write for a long time, Miranda said she listened to a lot of new music, including new albums from Cayle Hammack and Waylon Payne. True to her roots, she also spent a lot of time on farming projects.

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