Curious NCIS and Breaking Bad Connection fans of both series have noticed

The popular shows CBS's NCIS and AMC's Breaking Bad have captivating storylines that appeal to all viewers. However, did you know that actor Jesse Plemons, appeared on both shows?

Plemons was a high schooler named Jason Geckler in NCIS

Actor Jesse Plemons was on NCIS in 2006
Actor Jesse Plemons was on NCIS in 2006

Actor Jesse Plemons appeared on NCIS in 2006, playing a high school student named Jason Geckler in the episode titled "Deception" during season 3 of the show.

In this episode, the Naval Criminal Investigation Service team tries to locate a missing Navy Lieutenant Commander.

But the search leads them to a high school, where they meet two students, one of whom is played by star Zac Efron, who lead investigators to Jason Geckler, who owns a cell phone apparently involved in the disappearance. of the Commander of the Navy.

Jesse Plemons played Todd Alquist in ‘Breaking Bad’

The Character Everyone Forgets Jesse Plemons Played On NCIS

However, the actor's popularity was much more noticeable for his appearance on the show Breaking Bad, which thanks to NCIS managed to get a role in this AMC series.

Currently the actor continues to make various appearances in Hollywood movies, the last appearance of him in a series was in "Black Mirror", playing Captain Robert Daly.

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